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The menu. Menus for Lost Pizza Co. may vary based on location, but a glance at the original location in Indianola, Mississippi, will give you an idea of what to expect in Hattiesburg. ... Sandwiches include the open-faced meatball sub called the "Meemaw" and "Mr. G.". Check out our updated menu! And as always, Mangia, Mangia! $7 Lunch Specials. 1 Slice, 2 Breadsticks & Drink. 2 Slices & Drink. 1 Slice, 2 Knots & Drink. 1 Slice, 1 Side Salad & Drink. VIEW MORE SPECIALS. VIEW FULL MENU. Contact Us. 204 W Edison Rd, Mishawaka, IN 46545. [email protected] | 574-256-9001. Open Menu Close Menu. About/Resume Director Actor Playwright Press Contact Me Press & Through the Woods (Formerly Meemaw McPhearson's Magic Mushrooms) "This is a great family dramedy created by young artists (playwright Grace Ward, director Hadley Evans Nash) that features a multi-generational castThe engaged and present cast really. mee-mawing. Wikipedia. mee-maw ( third-person singular simple present mee-maws, present participle mee-mawing, simple past and past participle mee-mawed ) To make exaggerated movements with the mouth so as to be understood above a loud noise, such as that of machinery. quotations . 2009, Stanley Graham, Brown and Pickles, →ISBN, page 290:.
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